The Coach Approach

Since every coach is unique, it is important to carefully consider your goals, needs and expectations in your selection process. Cheryl uses a specific methodology designed to help you gain greater clarity and velocity in achieving your goals.

The Coach Approach
  • Discovery: through an individualized intake process we identify your unique goals and dreams. What do you really want?
  • Design: every coaching engagement is a co-active process where the coach and client design an alliance - how they agree to work together to achieve the client's goals. What are you willing to commit to?
  • Assessment: choosing the assessment tools that will provide the needed data on your strengths and opportunities for continued growth. What are your strengths and how can you leverage them?
  • Coaching: the series of calls that are designed around your agenda for change. What new learning and new actions will take you from where you are to where you want to be?
  • Integration: experimenting with new ways of being and doing in a safe environment. What will close the gap between where you are and your desired best self?
  • Completion: at the conclusion of the coaching engagement, we celebrate your achievements and create new structures to sustain ongoing success. What are the next steps in your ongoing development? How will you maintain forward momentum?
Dr. Vermey has an exceptional ability to really listen to her clients and provide them with the feedback that will enable them to have true breakthroughs in their lives that they desire. She has the unique combination of skills as a leader- the ability to envision the future and tenacity to orchestrate the journey to the desired outcome. Dr. Vermey brings these talents to her coaching. She is a role model for those who seek real change in their way of operating in the world.

- Vicki, Ph.D., consultant and university professor

If you decide to work with me, I will champion your dreams, challenge your thinking and support you in achieving your goals. You agree to be accountable for your desired outcomes, and together we will add new strengths and strategies to your leadership toolbox while expanding your capacity for growth and change. You will discover skills, strengths and talents as you move toward your goals.

And we will have fun on the journey!

Who is my ideal client?

  • Successful leaders who want to play a bigger game
  • High potentials who want to achieve more
  • Wickedly smart people
  • Decidedly competent top performers who are curious about new possibilities

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