EnVision Coaching Solutions

When the effective leader is finished with his work, the people say it happened naturally.

- Leo Tse

Whether you are an individual executive or part of a larger organization or team, constant change is the "permanent white water" that can put you into a reactionary mode. Coaching is the solution that can shift your focus to strategic outcomes and yield positive results. Coaching can strengthen your leadership and your ability to apply strategic and systems approaches to a range of issues. Coaching can energize your thinking, provide fresh perspective, and free you from an unproductive cycle of chaos.

  • Executive coaching
  • Organizational, team and systems coaching
  • Leadership development training and consulting (including specialized coaching for higher education)
  • Laser-coaching to address a defined issue

Executive Coaching - Providing support to senior and high potential leaders from director level to CEO Onboarding: Coaching solutions for the executive establishing a new position. Coaching outcomes focus on a plan to address the challenges commonly faced by a new leader in the first 90 to 180 days; maximizing leadership strengths and strategies to create a positive impact with purpose and efficacy.

Onboarding: Coaching solutions for the executive establishing a new position. Coaching outcomes focus on a plan to address the challenges commonly faced by a new leader in the first 90 to 180 days; maximizing leadership strengths and strategies to create a positive impact with purpose and efficacy.

Sustaining Success: Coaching solutions for successful executives to accelerate leadership strengths enabling them to more effectively use their unique personal power, develop more effective collaborative relationships and maximize their impact in service of the mission and values of the organization.

Legacy Building: Coaching solutions for seasoned leaders who are seeking to define a new/renewed professional passion from a place of authentic leadership. Also for leaders transitioning to an encore career or retirement plan to assist with determining the legacy they want to leave and developing a succession plan to ensure ongoing success for their area of responsibility.

Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing is a field. I'll meet you there.

- Rumi

Organizational, Team and Systems Coaching - Providing support to organizational systems and teams to optimize performance, productivity and creativity. Research reveals that a positive work environment is a prerequisite for sustained productivity, employee retention and organizational health (Buckingham 2001, Goleman 2002, Lencioni 2012). Organizational, team and systems coaching leverages the creative and problem solving capacity of a team or organization to improve collaboration, innovation and cooperation. Coaching can also reduce the stress and uncertainty that recent scientific studies show can thwart productivity and undermine achievement of your organization's goals.

Systems coaching enables a team or larger organization to:

  • Examine the conditions for teams to be productive.
  • Develop strategies to maximize team collaboration and productivity
  • Engage in strategic planning and decision making
  • Confront the obstacles to effective communication and cooperation
  • Identify areas of alignment and agreement with strategy
  • Overcome barriers to ongoing success
  • Use coaching skills in their leadership roles
The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between, the leader is a servant.

- Max De Pree

Leadership Development and Training - Bringing Co-Active Leadership to individuals and organizations

Co-Active Leadership is designed to inspire AND sustain change over time. The concept, created by Coaches Training Institute (CTI®), is based on the premise that true leaders have power with, not power over, other people and is grounded in the realization that we live in a complex world that demands radically greater depths of leadership capability.

Programs based on this model are customized and experiential in nature. They are designed to include interactive activities, lively discussions, challenges, and feedback on participants' leadership expansion and goal attainment. While many learning programs inspire, this one has the power to sustain change over time.

We employ the latest research on positive psychology, creating healthy organizations, the neuroscience of leadership, adult learning, change theory, appreciative inquiry and systems theory and practice in creating a customized, interactive program that will evoke transformation in your organization.

Dr. Cheryl Vermey, CPCC, PCC, CTC, has completed the CTI Leadership program and is trained in the use of this very powerful model.

Higher Education Leadership Program:
Claiming Your Place in the Circle

EnVision Academic Leadership

A premier program offered specifically for the unique leadership development needs of higher education institutions. Using the same body of research and learning strategies of other leadership develop programs we offer, "Claiming Your Place in the Circle" combines an understanding of the cultural, shared governance model within higher education and the 21st century imperative to transform in response to the challenges of a more complex world.

Programs are for upper level leaders and decision makers who are committed to taking their leader vision to the highest levels. Customized programs are based on assessed need and may include one half to three days of focused learning opportunities.

Leaders participating in this program will become aware of their stake and impact on their higher education organization so they can consciously create a thriving organization and implement sustainable change over time.

In addition to the formal program, individual executive coaching, group/team coaching and Team Climate Assessments are offered to produce a suite of services that will maximize the return on investment.

Cheryl is a good, strategic listener... Every session is structured in a flexible way that allows her to guide you to the most productive paths. You become more successful by linking the assets you have as an individual and as a professional.

- Eva, Ph.D., Dean at a public university

Laser Coaching - A single hour session to address a narrowly defined issue or goal

Perfect for the busy professional who needs some quick thinking, processing, and a resulting action plan to address a narrowly defined issue or goal.

We schedule a 15-20 minute call to review the issue and the parameters of the conversation. Then we schedule a one hour call within 2-7 days or according to your schedule and needs. There will be another 15-20 minute debriefing at a mutually determined time for feedback on the action plan.

To schedule this service, please send me an e-mail with "Laser Coaching" in the subject line, so I know it is urgent. Or, call me at 610.793.6503 and we can set up the initial call immediately.

Sometimes there are personal and business situations when you just need someone, in confidence, to listen to your thinking. Cheryl is this someone. She listens, asks great questions, and helps to unravel my thoughts. She's smart, has a great business sense, and is very thoughtful, yet direct. There is no beating around the bush, because none of us has time for that!

- Susan, CEO nonprofit organization