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The task of the leader is to get his people from where they are to where they have not been.

- Henry Kissinger

Introducing Tilt 365

Just as a builder needs tools to realize an architectural dream, a leader needs information on which to leverage their strengths.

As a Certified Tilt Coach, Dr. Vermey offers a range of diagnostic tools to help individuals or teams create a personalized development plan with which they can maximize their effectiveness.

Why is leveraging strengths so important to individual and organizations success? Quite simply, today's leaders are called upon to innovate, create, produce and remain agile, all at the same time. The result of all leadership action is to evoke positive influence. And while competencies are certainly important, research demonstrates that character is even more associated with leadership success.

Developed by Pam Boney, MS, PCC, and based on 20 years of research on human behavior and leadership, Tilt 365 replaces the previous 360 process. The Tilt 365 Positive Influence Predictor is a character strengths assessment tool that provides real-time feedback with a live dashboard for immediate results and traction. Tilt 365 provides scores and feedback on 12 key character strengths and 48 commendable traits, identifying over-used or under-used traits.

Your Tilt 365 is not a static, once-a-year 360 assessment. It is a real-time web application with immediate results.

Coaching is about evoking transformation and you, as the client, set the agenda for your goals. Tilt 365 helps you clarify your goals earlier so you can realize your personal evolution more quickly. Having personal access to your on demand dashboard and access to the Tiltology Wiki enables you to deepen your learning and access tools to support your forward momentum.


  • ...as an early component to your coaching engagement, usually 3-6 months in length, to enable you to see exactly where you are brilliant in your leadership and where you may identify growth potential to maximize positive influence. Your personal profile information is used to laser focus your self-awareness and support your ongoing coaching agenda.
  • ...as a short term adjunct to other learning in which you are engaged. Some clients choose to engage a coach to debrief the Tilt 365 report and to develop an action plan on a narrow or specific area of desired change (generally 2-3 sessions). There is always an option to continue coaching on an individual basis.
  • ...as an approach to team development. As with the individual Tilt 365, gaining information on the team or group as a whole facilitates awareness of how you are supporting effective collaboration and creating desired outcomes. Action planning supports group agreements for moving forward. Team development is a minimum commitment of one day and, depending on the needs of the organization, can expand to 3-5 days. I customize an individualized plan with each client.
  • ...as an enterprise wide approach to organizational development. Many top organizations have chosen to incorporate the principles of Tilt throughout the enterprise. People at all levels then have a common model and vocabulary to support evolution and ongoing development, based on unique needs. For more information, contact me or see: www.tilt-inc.com

Which Way Are You Tilting? Begin to evolve yourself; increase your influence!

You can get started for free using this link: www.tilt365.com

There are two free options:

  1. On the home page under Get Started for Free you can create a login/password and complete your own self-study. It will take about 10 minutes and you gain immediate feedback on your leadership strengths.
  2. True Tilt Snapshot - look for the blue box toward the bottom of the home page. This five minute survey gives you information on your true self as you were as a younger adult. When you discover your True Tilt (your natural default pattern) and the other Tilt patterns, you unlock a new way of being intentional about helping others know how to work with you more effectively.

Once you have the information, and you are curious about your optional next steps, including obtaining observer feedback,
send me an email at: cvermey@envision-coach.com.

We can discuss which option is best for you or your organization.

My experience with Envision Coaching was an amazing journey of self discovery! ...The coaching process allowed me to acknowledge my integrity and resilience while exploring my passions, restoring my beliefs and focusing on my personal and professional goals...

- Tammy, Ph.D., University Professor